Ace Bespoke Design Service

Today's versatile spaces require intelligent planning to ensure spaces are not only beautiful but highly functional.

Our in-house design service solves complex layout problems and helps to ensure that your project will turn out how you envisioned it. This bespoke design service is for companies wanting exceptional design that is versatile and intelligent.

Using the latest CAD software, we produce to-scale floor plans and accurate 3-D rendering of what your conference room could look like to show the overall visual impression.


 cad image

Start with an initial checklist:-
  • What is/are the main purpose(s) of the conference room?
  • If multi purposes, what flexibility is required?
  • Training/Interview/collaborative workspace/boardroom
  • What movement patterns need to be supported in the room?
  • How efficient is the layout?
  • What size is the room?
  • What restrictions are there on the space to consider - doors/radiators/pipes/refreshment areas/storage cupboards, note how doors open
  • What audio/visual presentation equipment is required?

Many things need to be considered in detail when designing office space that is both aesthetically pleasing but also a practical working environment that works, such as:-

Size of room is usually fixed accurate measurements of the space is important. Take account of extrusions (like radiators, pipes, etc.) that could interfere with the layout. Take note of door and window placements and how the door(s) opens as it may affect furniture placement and layout. People often overlook how the door opens only to have a very tight and uncomfortable entrance to their conference room.

Care must be taken to understand how individuals/teams interact, as well as future expansion plans, effective and sufficient storage solutions, IT requirements and compliance to fire, health and safety and DDA regulations are all taken into account.

If your conference room has windows, take advantage of the natural lighting. Good lighting, especially natural light, is proven to stimulate creativity and productivity. Install window treatments, like blinds, and use them to block out exterior distractions or when privacy is needed.

Power sources are vital for projectors, phones, computers and other electronic devices Depending on your needs, a table with a power data module can really simplify your conference room setup.

If the plan is to create a multi-functional meeting room, it is important to not max out your space. Flexibility and movement should be the two biggest concerns, and the best way to implement both is to invest in multi-purpose furniture. This not only will save space, but will also increase the efficiency of the layout.

Then furniture can be selected to suit the purpose and required look of the space. The size of your room will be a limiting factor when selecting furniture. As a general rule, you want to allow four feet of space around any furniture to provide a safe and comfortable walkway, but more space may be needed depending on the layout of your room and the comfort and safety of the people who will use it.

If you have a certain number of people that you are hoping to accommodate in your conference room, there is a general rule that you can usually apply: the length of the table measured in feet is also the same number of people the table can fit. For example, a 14-foot long table can fit 14 people; six people on either side and one person at each end.

Furnishing rooms for conferences/meetings/training can be a significant investment and you need to ensure that you make the right choices. Our experienced team can guide you through and advise you on what would be right for you, contact our specialist Furniture Team on 01202 240000 and press option 2 for more help.

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