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Don’t forget key ancillary items to support the message, enhance results and make attendees more productive:-


In today’s connected world adequate power sources for projectors, phones, computers and other electronic devices is vital. Ensure that you have allowed for all future requirements.


Whiteboards can be extremely helpful during meetings. Placing one or multiple whiteboards in your meeting room provides much needed visual space to share and capture ideas. Some whiteboards/glass markerboards can double as projection screens for presentations. Be sure to consider your placement carefully to ensure a clear view to everyone.


Get organised! Consider storage furniture that is space-saving and dual-purpose like storage solutions which supplies storage behind cabinet doors while providing space on top for meeting materials. Also consider how or if your storage furniture will need to open. You will want to avoid having drawers and doors bump in to other furniture or that restrict flow of people.

Food/Beverage Area

Conference rooms often host long meetings that can span over lunch breaks. If you are hoping to include a food and beverage area in your conference room, be sure to invest in a multi-purpose furniture piece. A simple table is fine, but don’t forget that storage and organization will also be needed for supplies and utensils.


Bookshelves can give an air of sophistication to a conference room, while also displaying relevant books, collections and company literature and awards.

AV Stands/Media Center

AV stands or media centers are necessary to hold TV screens and video/presentation components. Many AV stands allow you to easily adjust the height and tilt of your screen to ensure the comfort of all viewers. Media centers are a wonderful multi-purpose option as they include storage space in addition to creating space for your screen.


Podiums are ideal if your conference room will be hosting large-scale presentations with speakers. Be sure to plan for enough space to keep the speaker at the podium comfortable.


Consider the ideal placement of a projector – if you wish to place it on the conference table, purchasing a conference table with a power data module would be the best option.

Finishing Touches

Don’t overwhelm your space. An artificial plant is often a perfect finishing touch, as it can nicely tie a meeting room together without taking up too much space. Also, be sure to think about utilising wall space, either by hanging artwork or installing some storage furniture, as this can drastically improve the look and feel of a conference room.

Furnishing rooms for conferences/meetings/training can be a significant investment and you need to ensure that you make the right choices. Our experienced team can guide you through and advise you on what would be right for you, contact our specialist Furniture Team on 01202 240000 and press option 2 for more help.

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