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It is predicted that 80% of work will be collaborative within the next 10 years, so creating an environment, which encourages effective collaborative working is one of the key business issues of our time. Furniture & environment play a central role in improving this collaboration and connecting people to information, tools and colleagues.


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Traditionally conference/meeting rooms comprised of one table in the centre with several surrounding chairs. Recently many conference rooms have become more dynamic and serve more purposes; (training room, interview room and/or a collaborative workspaces for example). So this:-



Ambus-FlipTopYFold-Wht large and Ambus-FlipTopYTable-Wht large

Effectively using your conference room as a multi-purpose space all depends upon on how your conference room is designed

Traditional Conference/Boardroom Tables

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A conference table is a key component of any conference room. There are many different types available, each giving different benefits, depending on a company’s objectives:-.

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Rectangular/square tables: Great for medium to large spaces and can be found with extendable or adjustable options allowing for better adaptability to changing needs.

Oval tables: Rounded corners allow more seating capacity and easier movement.#

Boat-shaped: Provide best lines-of-sight; by being wider in the middle, people are not sitting in a straight line, making it easier to see screens, presentations and other participants.

Round: Can be huge space savers, but do require a 4 foot walkway around the entire circumference of the table. Not all rooms are large enough to allow for this.

Horseshoe: Ideal for effective training rooms.

table cable flaps large

Think power! Laptops and tablets charge at different amperage, modules are available that identify the correct power supply. Make the most of the different styles of bases to best manage your cables by running them through the hollow box or column bases in to the floor.

Simplify conference room setup with a power data module. This sits directly in the table and manages power sources to projectors, phones, computers and other
electronic devices thus reducing the requirement for ugly wall sockets and wires!


Conference Chairs

Conference chairs are an essential part of every conference room. They are designed to be comfortable for use by many people, so are not usually complex. Most would have simple ergonomic adjustments only, typically limited to seat height and tilt.

Meeting chairs offer a way to define your space and styles include leather, traditional and modern. Consideration also needs to be given to how the conference chairs will fit at the selected table.

Many offices will occasionally need additional seating. Stacking chairs and folding chairs are great portable solutions. These should be selected with care as they should still project a professional image and store easily when not needed.

conference chairs

Our boardroom, conference and training furniture can be designed to your specifications with a wide variety of products available including ergonomic products.

We have carefully chosen our executive and boardroom furniture ranges to exude an air of distinction and visible prestige, which reflect a company's originality and company ethos. Our furniture combines harmony with functionality ensuring the look is elegant, efficient and works together as a cohesive whole to reflect your brand values.

Make smart meeting environments to ensure that your collaborative spaces facilitate maximise engagement, retention and results with suitable adaptable furniture.

For additional help contact our Specialist Furniture Team on 01202 240000 and press option 2.


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