New Year New Look

When it comes to first impressions, appearances make a big difference. This is extra true for a service-based company! Many companies already know that uniforms can have a big impact on customers. ACE offer a complete solution polos, work shirts, hats, tops and much more to suit every trade.

Ace Special New Year Offer

  • Free Local Delivery
  • Free embroidery set up when ordering 10 or more items.

*t’s & c’s
*offer applies to customers within a 50 mile radius from ACE Bournemouth, offer available from November 5th until the February 13th 2015
**offer applies to embroidery set up for 10 or more garments only, offer available from November 5th 2014 until the February 13th 2015
All offer dates are subject to change

Here are 5 good reasons why uniform / workwear is important:-

1. It reflects your brand

Your brand should be visible in every aspect of your business – this includes your  products or services, your brochure, your décor, your employee uniforms and much more! Uniforms are just another way to show customers what your company is all about. 

Whether you’re a casual team with fun, memorable sayings on the backs of t-shirts or an upmarket company where employees wear suit and ties, uniforms help you to set the tone and make the right impression.

2. Uniforms make it easy to see who’s an employee

Uniforms make it easy for customers to spot employees at a glance. If a customer needs something, how will they flag down an employee if they’re all dressed differently? A restaurant/bar certainly doesn’t want its customers to accidentally ask another guest for a refill!

3. Uniform instills pride in a company

When uniforms look great and fit well, they make employees feel proud of their jobs. This is one reason to make sure your uniforms aren’t embarrassing or ill-fitting. Noone feels good when they’re wearing baggy shirts or goofy-looking hats. If your employees know they look great and professional, they’re more likely to feel proud to work at your restaurant and this will in turn give your customers better service.

4. Uniforms create a professional environment

Employees often have very different backgrounds and lifestyles, but when they put their uniforms on they all become part of the same team. Uniforms can help create a professional environment and can help employees get in the right frame of mind to do a great job.

5. Uniforms inspire customer confidence.

Your products and services might be great, but for many customers, the appearance of staff makes a big difference. Simply put, uniforms make your employees look reliable and trustworthy. This lets customers know that they can count on your employees to do their jobs right.


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