Green Products

ACE's green office products range is broad and varied. Our green lines include Fairtrade food and drink items along with many environmentally friendly items.

It is likely the majority of Facilities Management products you are currently using contain harmful chemicals which have to be handled carefully. Products such as bleach, cleaning products etc. can be both damaging to the environment and difficult to store.

With our range of chemical free, and environmentally friendly cleaning products, you can easily reduce your office's potential impact on the environment. Have a look at our range in the catalogue by ordering one here.

A current favourite product is the Eco cube, which can be seen here.

We also have a wide range of recycling systems which are easy to implement and help you to reduce your environmental impact. Our recycling bins are easy to use, and suit a range of recyclables including Paper, plastic, cans, toners and more, without looking unsightly in your office.

The systems are so easy; we have even implemented it in our office, and they have significantly reduced the amount of waste going to landfill.

Try out our systems today, contact 01202 240000 for more information.

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