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Great office design should not only be aesthetically pleasing but must also deliver a practical working environment that works with your business.

Our experienced design team use the latest CAD technology to produce 2D & 3D drawings that help you visualise how your space can be best used; perfect for new office planning or renovations.

ACE increase available floor space by smart planning

Our specialist team consider how individuals and departments interact with each other, future expansion plans, effective and sufficient storage solutions, IT requirements and compliance to fire, health and safety and DDA regulations.


Discover how to increase available floor space by 25% with smart planning

Are you aware that it’s possible to increase available floor space by smart planning? ACE recently showed a longstanding customer how they could increase headcount in an area by 25%!

A well known, established Aerospace company approached ACE to explore options to increase headcount whilst using only the current available space. They had not so long ago moved premises and had quickly reached capacity in each area, even allowing for additional spaces. Not wanting to repeat the expense and disruption of relocation again they needed a great alternative.

The issue, as they saw it, was that their 60 strong aircraft engineers required large corner desks to accommodate laying out large plans and blueprints. But the maximum saturation they had been able to achieve in the available area was 60 desks.

ACE increase available headcount by 25%ACE use the most up to date computer aided design techniques to create accurate, detailed room plans and 3D visualisations. The 2D plans enable optimum floor planning, vital for maximising resources. 3D visualisations allow customers to fully appreciate the end result using multiple product specifications on architect’s scale drawings. As customers can see proposed options, including different fabrics & finishes, they get the full experience and can easily visualise the final result. This prevents costly mistakes on larger projects.

Dave, CAD designer at ACE set up the current floor plan and explored options using it’s floor plan service. Ultimately he hit upon the perfect solution; to replace the 1600mm corner desks with even bigger 1800 bench desks. These were not only much more suitable for accommodating laying out large paper plans but also allowed an increase in desk placements. The 200mm bigger desks enabled the Aerospace company to increase it’s engineer headcount from 154 to 194 whilst giving each engineer more desk space and ensuring they had adequate storage facilities.

“Our strength is being able to offer multiple layout options using a variety of products that maximises the potential of any space.” Commented Martin Hockey, Manager - Ergonomics, Furniture & Interiors at ACE. “We were delighted to be able offer the perfect solution. We provided our customer with the ability to increase head count by 25% with larger desks and suitable storage for its engineers, it’s a win-win!”

ACE collaborates with design and build consultants, architects and furniture & equipment specifiers to maximise resources with its 2D and 3D capability. To utilise this service clients are required to provide a CAD file or architects plans of the building. In some cases a PDF or sketch of the area with the necessary dimensions can be used. Work flows ,budget, room function, seating preferences, storage units, screens and number of people to be accommodated need to be specified. 

Specialist support is recommended from an early stage in any major project. Our experienced team guide you from initial survey through to completion. With access to a wide variety of products and brands we can fulfill any project, including interior renovations, company moves and remodelling projects as well as furniture and computer accessory procurement, see our Interiors, and Workspace Furniture pages for more information

For more details or to explore your project please call us on 01202 240000 then press 2.

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