Ergonomic Products

Many people think that Ergonomics is expensive and futuristic but actually it is neither. Ergonomics is the efficiency between people and their environment. Our specialist products increase the efficiency and comfort of using standard equipment. Products such as Ergonomic keyboards, mice and other computer accessories, desk chairs and foot rests are specially designed for upmost comfort and ease of use.

There are many issues which can affect your work space including:
• Incorrect posture and typing skills
• Taking inadequate breaks
• Suffering from neck or eye strain
• Position of your display screen equipment
• Use of equipment such as copy holders or wrist rests

All of which can impact employees’ productivity, health and welfare, and all of them are easily solved. How about contacting one of our ergonomic specialists for a check-up and see how we can help improve your workforce's welfare?

We also have partnerships with a variety of ergonomic furniture providers, which allows us to create bespoke designed chairs to meet your needs.

All of our ergonomic products are built to help you achieve a better, more productive and DSE compliant work space.

To find out more by call us on 01202 240000 and press 2 or get in touch via the Contact form.



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