Let our range inspire you

... and save you time and money!

Our Initiative own brand range is the keystone that enables us to save you time, money and effort on your office supplies purchases.

How?  With Initiative as part of our product and service offering you can buy everything you need for your business from us, your single source purchasing solution!

Our Initiative product range was launched in 1998 and has become one of the most trusted and enduring brands used in offices today. Our customers tell us they buy Initiative because it gives them quality, value and the performance they need - consistently.


An inspiring design anywhere and everywhere

The design of our Initiative range make it perfect for any office. It's professional in the boardroom, classy in the reception area, stylish in the home office, smart and coordinated for working on the move.

The Initiative blue used on packaging 'Inspiration Blue' and according to research it's a colour that is both productive and motivating!

The quality, value and performance of Initiative products is already proven. we want our customers to have a brand that they are proud to use anywhere and a worthy facilitator of the inspiring work our customers do. Imagine a ream of paper. What will it be used for? The proposal that wins a major new account? The draft or a bestselling novel? A contract of employment setting a young person off on the first rung of their career? You probably don't stop to consider it, but your business does inspiring things every day!

A Complete Range

Initiative features more than 80% of the office products that are used daily in businesses and is certain to satisfy all your everyday needs.

There is no need to look further than our Initiative own brand for hundreds of stationery products, computer consumables even cleaning products and furniture.

Direct & exclusive to you

We guarantee the competitive price, quality and reliability of the Initiative range because it is our own brand range. We are members of Integra, a large buying group who source and manage the range on our behalf. we stock and ship direct to you ensuring we can offer you the best possible price and delivery of your everyday office products.

Our Circle of Trust

The Initiative office products range is responsibly sourced and produced by industry leading manufacturers, with many products made by the leading global stationery brand owners. This enables you to have confidence in our circle of trust.

Simply talk to us

We are confident that we will be able to show you real cost savings and efficiency improvements by using us as your single source supplier. Just give us a call to arrange a no obligation meeting, at a time that's convenient for you.

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